November 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are my must-have accessory.  I can go without jewelry or a purse (I’ll just use my Bandolier!), but I can’t live without my sunnies.  Big sunglasses not only add glamour to every outfit, they’re also transformative.  No time for makeup?  Grab some shades!  Didn’t get much sleep?  Slide on your sunnies!  Want to go incognito and avoid unwanted conversation?  Sunglasses are your best friend.

Since I add sunglasses to almost every outfit, I have an extensive collection that I’m constantly adding to.  A recent trip to Nordstrom nearly made me drool- I’m dying to put these pairs in rotation:

1.  Celine


A navy Celine  pair to match my navy Celine bag?  Yes, please!  I love the hybrid square/cat-eye shape- the look is a futuristic spin on a classic frame, and will elevate any outfit to high-fashion heights.


2.  Miu Miu


I love these avant-garde Miu Miu shades.  Subtle sparkle is sprinkled into the cream-colored frames, making them perfect for the holiday season.  The geometric shape and delicate metal detailing feel very 1940s, so I know they’ll stand the test of time.


3.  Elizabeth and James


This round black pair is a quintessential starlet staple.  Big and mysterious, these babies will hide anything: lack of sleep, a hangover, smudged eye makeup, you name it.  I love that these are so classic and versatile-they’ll go with everything!


4.  Marc Jacobs


The king of quirky, Marc Jacobs, created these nerdy-chic frames and I’m obsessed.  The shape is so geometric and severe- these will be perfect with fall’s sharply tailored silhouettes!


5.  Dior


Dior’s latest sunglasses are so glamorous, I just can’t get enough.  From the front, these are your average, slightly cat-eyed specs.  But turn to the side and BAM!—full-on glam.  This pair manages to be ladylike, eclectic, and fresh all at once.  A must-have for sure!


What are your favorite sunglasses right now?


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