August 22, 2013

Fashion Formula

Lately I’ve been wearing variations on the same outfit, which I showed you guys in Monday’s post on the newest stylehaus pieces.   Wearing loose-fitting pants with an oversized sweater is effortlessly cool, and when an outfit looks edgy and amazing with minimal effort, I’m in!  Here are some of the looks I’ve been wearing lately, all part of the same fashion formula:  slouchy pants + sweater + booties + hat.




This combo is great for nighttime!  The silky pants combined with a black and navy color story seem perfect for going out for drinks.  This sweater (new at stylehaus!) is an open knit, so whatever you wear underneath peeks through.  Since it’s still pretty warm out, I’ve done a black lace bandeau underneath for a sexier look!




I love this neon sweater because it makes a big statement by itself- no need to wear anything else eye catching!  It is best when paired with plain black pants and accessories, so I wore it with slouchy track pants for a casual, everyday vibe.




This pairing is perfect for transitioning into fall since the colors are so soft and warm.  Drop-crotch wax-coated denim pants are a little more structured than the silk and cotton versions above, so I thought a bit of a tighter fit up top would be appropriate.  This amazing printed sweater is super cool with the sleeves pushed up- I’d even layer it over a collared button up for a schoolboy-inspired outfit!


What do you think of my latest fashion formula- will you try it?

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