February 22, 2013

Currently Coveting: Leather



It’s no secret how much I love leather— so much that I featured it in the Currently Coveting section of Simply Stylist! From NYFW and street styles, I have noticed leather has truly become the latest fashion craze, and I couldn’t be happier! Leather is something that is really fun and easy for people to play with, and is adaptable into your everyday wardrobe. Adding leather to your wardrobe allows you to add a hint of contrast and flair, and it edges up almost any look. Why do I love the leather trend so much?  Leather is a material and look that some women can shy away from, so it’s important to find options that are still classic and yet a bit different than what the average woman is reaching for each morning. You can create a nice balance with these items by either pairing the more bold pieces with a neutral basic to create a look you are comfortable with, or go for the choices that only use leather for those incredible pops and accents. I’m excited to see how this runway trend transfers to on the street fashion, and I hope that women can feel these are choices that pair with the other clothing in their wardrobe easily. Read the rest of this entry at http://simplystylist.com/currently-coveting-marina-monroe/ and decide which leather look is best for you!

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