September 20, 2013

CRAZY CHIC Final Guest Blog

As London Fashion Week dies down and Milan gears up, we’re feeling wonderfully, hedonistically engulfed in fashion. While wading through the endless streams of imagery from the international shows, I’m simultaneously digesting New Zealand Fashion Week’s key trends and pre-planning my fall wardrobe.

Today I’m sharing three key trends that kept popping up at New Zealand Fashion Week, and unlike many trends that tend to emerge from runway events, these three are all completely, totally and utterly wearable – which is a big thumbs up for you!



Jewel Tones:

Rich, royal jewel tones are synonymous with colder weather, and with the amount of designer doing fabulously glamorous garments in this colour story, I can’t wait to get cozied up for fall! This deliciously flattering trend looks great on most skin tones, and can really make you look alive. My advice is to swap your boring black fall coat for a bold shade of royal blue or scarlet, and introduce jewel tones into a few of your key basics. Try a pair of emerald trousers, a cobalt bootie or even an oversized gold scarf.



Matchy Matchy:

Ask any stylist – wearing a matchy outfit is a fool-proof way to look sophisticated and stylish. From the super bold to the darker more subtle styles, designers were gaga for matching suit combos this season. From Trelise Cooper’s swing coat and cropped trouser combo to Adrian Hailwood’s dress over pants mix to Andrea Moore’s easy shirt and trouser pair, the key is to pick your top, match your bottoms and wear it with attitude. A great option for the office, you really can go as bold as you dare here. For those of us going into summer you can rock this trend as a short or skirt suit as well.



The Shirtdress:

You could call it the uniform of the Kiwi girl, the shirtdress in all its button and collar glory has been taken by the hipsters, the indie kids and the mainstream fashion crowd and adopted as the new wardrobe staple. Its ability to be both coy and reserved (with all the buttons done up) and sexy and alluring (with a few top buttons undone) makes it the ideal versatile garment for everyday wear. Kiwi girls love it for its skill in hiding a pair of not-so-perfect thighs, and its slim waistline can be hauled in with a belt to flatter the physique, not to mention it can be both dressed up and down in heels or flats. This new classic was popular with designers such as Twenty-seven Names, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Trelise Cooper, and skirt lengths varied from flirty thigh-grazers to long and elegant brushing the ankles.




Remember, you can always check CRAZY CHIC for more on my favorite fashion trends, fun DIYs, and street style snaps from NZ!

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