November 13, 2012

Color Wave: Red




The color red evokes the feeling of love, power, and happiness in many cultures on a worldwide scale. For instance, in England, red is the color of the famous phone booths that tourists just adore. In India, a red mark on the forehead brings joy and good fortune while the Chinese New Year is celebrated by wearing red clothing and filling the streets with red lights and lanterns. Furthermore, what about the beloved and legendary red carpet where our favorite celebrities show off their most glamorous looks? According to the Academy Award History, “The red carpet is known today as a legacy of the entertainment industry. It is identified with the culture of our celebrities and the ora that surrounds them. The red carpet has a history of all of those who have been part of the entertainment industry”.

Red is a powerful color and every woman knows that a red dress means all eyes on you. With the holiday season quickly approaching, adding red to your outfit will keep you looking festive and on trend. Whether you rock a burgundy pout, vixen red heel, or bright red jacket, there are plenty of ways to wear red and look fabulous!


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