October 3, 2012

Color Wave: Pink Princess

We are surrounded by color and prints all the time… every day… everywhere. Besides eyeballing the prints and colors of stylehaüs garments, how about finding that habitual green and white mermaid symbol that indicates you found a dear Starbucks, the vibrant red stop signs that all of us encounter a few times daily, trying to decide whether you should paint your nails with OPI Pink Before You Leap or Pinking Of You, looking into your cluttered purse but always spotting your planner because you recognize the brown leather, the list goes on! As stylists, our eyes are wide open when it comes to analyzing colors as it is vital in the “Make or Break” of the fashion story we are creating. Through experience, we have developed a natural eye and craze for color which is why we are so happy we stumbled upon two very pink street style shots taken by Tommy Ton. These photos are proof that you can flaunt pink and look as professional and trendy as when you wear black.

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” -Coco Chanel

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