February 14, 2014

Casual Friday: Beanies


I was a flat brim fan for a while, but now I’ve fallen back in love with the beanie.  When I was in Tokyo, a beanie was the best way to stay warm and still look stylish; I wore one almost every day!  I’m not alone either; more and more fashionistas are turning towards the beanie.  It’s everywhere lately, from the runways to street style shots and on fashion blogs.


public-school-beanie public-school-beanie

The Public School runway show this week was one of my favorites; I’m so glad they’re doing womenswear now!  I loved the tall, bulky beanies they showed with jumpsuits and leather jackets.  I’m definitely going to be rocking this vibe for the rest of winter.



The Alexander Wang P6 beanie has been making the rounds, too.  Wang created the beanie as a nod to the Principle 6 campaign, which encourages those at the Olympics in Russia to stand up for LGBT rights in a peaceful way.  I think we’ll be seeing these beanies out and about in the fashion world long after the Olympics are over!



The best thing about beanies?  There are so many shapes to choose from!  I like mine pretty tall, but slouchy beanies also look great.  What kind of beanie do you wear?

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