September 5, 2013

Cartoon Couture

I love fashion that’s a little bit crazy.  Nothing interests me about a straight-off-the-runway, totally polished look.  I like to leave room for myself to be creative and be in touch with different sides of my personality through style.  Some days I’m Marina, CEO of stylehaus, so my look has to translate that- but somedays, I get to be a totally-relaxed and somewhat-silly Marina.  I need outfits for all different circumstances, and that’s why I fell head-over-heels for this pink teddy bear sweatshirt from Topshop!




It’s sweet and sassy in a way that I don’t normally get to be while I’m at work.  This top will be perfect for reminding myself to not take life so seriously sometimes.  I love paired with this blue shorts, but I’ll rock it with jeans and silk pajama-type pants too.

While prepping for NYFW, I got to stop into the Jeremy Scott showroom- talk about fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously!  Jeremy Scott stocks the craziest, most childlike clothes around (think of his teddy-bear kicks for Adidas) and I had such a blast trying his pieces on.  The look I finally settled on had a little bit of everything going on; I think it’s perfect for his runway show at fashion week.




Do you guys indulge in silly style choices from time to time?  If not, you really should- that’s why fashion is at it’s most fun!

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