November 20, 2013

Breaking the Fashion Rules: Proportion


A potential fashion no-no

You’ll often find stylists and fashion-minded folks waxing poetic about the rule of proportion.  For example: if you’re wearing a short, tight skirt, you should wear something loose and covered-up on top.  Or, if you’re wearing a floaty maxi skirt, make sure you choose a top with a little more structure to balance out the look. (Lauren Conrad has a great article on the proportion rule here.)

Of course, these “rules” work.  They are pretty foolproof, and almost always guarantee a pulled-together and polished outfit!  For fashion beginners or those who want to stay in the style safety-zone, these rules should always be followed.  But if you want to have a little more fun with fashion, feel free to throw the rules of proportion out the window and get creative!



When breaking the rules of proportion, though, you have to be careful- you almost always will look more fashion-forward by pairing two flowing or oversized pieces together.  You can easily crash and burn if you risk mixing two tight and revealing items.  Remember: breaking this rule is about playing with clothing, not skin.




proportion 1

Ashley Olsen, breaking the rules like a pro

Since this is such a tricky rule to break, you might want to stick to a few recommended outfits.  A look that I love (that you probably already have in your closet) is a maxi skirt + chunky sweater.   Normally I’d recommend wearing a fitted top with such a voluminous bottom, but breaking the rules with an oversized sweater might look even better!


proportion 7



proportion 4

Blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Another crazy-cool combo?  Baggy pants + sweater + overcoat.  Try wearing your boyfriend jeans with a boxy sweater (instead of something fitted), and toss a big overcoat on top.  Whether you go for a monochrome look or mix colors and print, you’ll be breaking the rules with panache.


proportion 6


proportion 5

An unexpected way to play with proportion involves one of my favorite trends: overalls!  Since overalls are pretty masculine and generally mask the female form, I usually wear something tight and skimpy underneath to appear more feminine.  Next time I wear overalls, though, I’ll try a knitted sweater with a high neckline underneath.   The look is totally covered-up, which might be a nice departure from my usual skintight skinnies!

What do you think- would you ever ditch the rules of proportion?  If you don’t see yourself breaking this fashion rule, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on wearing sneakers with evening wear!


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