November 22, 2013

Breaking The Fashion Rules: Mixing Metals

The easiest and most acceptable fashion rule to break is, “Don’t mix metals.”  There was a time when wearing silver with gold was a major Fashion Don’t, but times are changing so the rules should too!  Nowadays it’s pretty common to see someone rocking a mix of gold, silver, and even rose gold in one outfit.


mixing metals 9



This rule was absolutely made to be broken.  Why?  Because it’s way too much trouble to try to perfectly match your metals!  Making sure the hardware on your purse matches the zipper pull on your boots and doesn’t clash with the ring you want to wear is exhausting.  Since today’s fashion is all about having fun, this tedious process of matching every accessory is not one that we want to indulge in anymore.


mixing metals 5


mixing metals 4


mixing metals 6


There’s something about mixing metals, especially in jewelry, that’s so carefree and relaxed.  Stacks of mismatched bangles and watches are fun and on-trend, and getting the look is super easy.   Pick an array of thin-to-medium sized bangles and a watch, and layer away!  The mismatched look is also achievable with rings, particularly rings of the thin, stackable variety.


mixing metals 2


mixing metals 3


If you want to be a little more adventurous with your mixed metals, grab a few contrasting metallic clothing items (or 1 clothing item and contrasting shoes) and get started.   A really easy outfit combo would be plain jeans with a metallic gold tee and silver pointy-toed pumps- try it!


mixing metals 7

stylehaus mix of gold, silver, and black- $266

Mix gold & silver in one piece- $320

Mix gold & silver in one piece- $320


The easiest way to get in on the action?  Invest in a piece that mixes metals for you.  stylehaus carries an amazing mixed-metallic sweater right now that you can grab for $266, and our gold-and-diamond drop necklace will get you the mixed-up look for $320.

What are you waiting for?  Get mixing!

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