November 18, 2013

Breaking the Fashion Rules: Black and Navy

You may have spied a new Celine in last Tuesday’s blog post.  My fiance, knowing how obsessed I am with my Celine Trapeze bag, decided to add to my collection for my birthday!  My new baby is a gorgeous shade of navy, which Celine calls “Ocean.”  I haven’t put it down since I got it, and it’s forced me to break the age-old fashion rule, “Don’t mix black and navy.”

Celine Ocean Trapeze bag marina monroe

Of course, I love breaking the rules and I think all (fashion) rules are made to be broken!  I started thinking about all the other fashion no-nos out there, and decided to dedicate a week to breaking the rules of style.  Today I’ll show you just how chic it can be to mix black and navy.


black and navy marina monroe 2

Back in the day, wearing black pieces with navy blue pieces was a fashion faux-pas.  Black and navy were considered to be clashing colors, since their tones almost match, but not really.  Nowadays, that slightly-off contrast is a fashion Do!  Fashion that’s a little wrong is right on-trend for the coming season.


Mixing black and navy at LA Fashion Week

Mixing black and navy at LA Fashion Week

I regularly break this old-timey rule, and I think it’s a chic alternative to an all-black outfit.  At LA fashion week last month I mixed navy leather pants with a black peplum top, and more recently I’ve turned to a black leather jacket accented with my navy Celine bag.


Black and Navy marina monroe


black and navy marina monroe 3

Not sure how to master the mix on your own?  Take inspiration from these street-style shots!  The easiest way to rock the look is by picking up a piece that mixes the colors for you, like the black and navy jacket and miniskirt above.

Still stuck?  Set up an appointment with me, and I’ll show you how to tailor the trend to your specific style.  Apply here for a one-on-one style consultation!


black and navy marina monroe 4



Stay tuned for tomorrow’s rule-breaking post: White After Labor Day!

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