September 24, 2013

A Stylist’s Opinion: Emmy’s Best/Worst Dressed


As a stylist who has worked with red carpet starlets before, I’m always interested to see what celebs (and their stylists) decide to wear to the biggest red carpet events in Hollywood.  On Sunday the Emmy Awards blew up my Twitter and Instagram feeds, and I found myself thinking about what I would’ve done differently with some of these award-winning ladies’ outfits if I were styling them.


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Christina Hendricks: so close, and yet so far.  Christina has a voluptuous hourglass figure that she often lets overpower her.  With a large bust, wide hips, and a Marilyn-esque waist, there’s a lot to love about Christina’s body- but she goes about accentuating it in all the wrong ways!  Yes, it’s great that this Christian Siriano dress brings attention to her thin waistline- but the sweetheart necklace makes her chest looks like two giant circles smooshed together, the lace cap sleeves are too delicate to support her va-va-voom figure, and the black lace details are a little witchy.


What would I have dressed Christina in if I were her stylist?  I’d have suggested something with stronger shoulders balance out her large bust for starters.  Blush or jewel tones would’ve been softer against Christina’s pale skin, and I’d prefer to see her in a more structured skirt- either a stiffer mermaid cut (this material is a bit too flowy) or a princess-cut skirt.


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Amanda Peet was a  “What were they thinking?” moment for me.  Her sheer/lace/Victorian-inspired dress did nothing for her, and her hairstyle didn’t suit the look at all.  What would I have done differently?  First, I would’ve asker her to rethink her hairdo.  Then I’d rip the Victorian collar and sheer sleeves off, leaving Amanda with a strapless lacey top; and add a long black slip to the bottom, doing away with all of the “sheer” parts.  Amanda’s beautiful face was overpowered in this too-many-trends-in-one dress- something simpler would be better on her!


Aubrey Plaza


While the look didn’t quite work on Amanda Peet, I loved this super-similar Marios Schwab gown on Aubrey Plaza!  Aubrey did the look best  with a small (not overpowering) lace pattern over a full-body nude slip.  Little flower appliques at the neck and sleeves brightened Aubrey’s look and kept the look out of “witchy” territory. Take note, Amanda!



65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Finally, I’d love to get my hands on Lena Dunham.  Lena, so proud of her curves, has no idea how to flaunt them.  The girl has a great figure, if only she’d stop being so defiant about showing it off in a normal, flattering way!  While this dress is a lot better than some of her previous fashion choices- it’s at least accentuating her waist!- it’s still not great on her.  A more subdued print, slimmer cut up top (those triangles on her chest are just too wide and start too high), and less “poofiness” on bottom would’ve been better on Lena!





My picks for best-dressed? Allison Williams, Claire Danes, and Rose Byrne!  Who were your faves and least faves of the night?


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