May 9, 2013


Until the end of time, jet-black pumps will have a special spot in my heart and an extra special place in my closet, where they’ll be beautifully preserved until my next outing. Whether you have a small collection of black designer pumps, or you own 10 pairs of the same exact shoe, you may be looking at that tall shelf of heels wondering how anything else could ever look so chic and sexy this season, but leave it to the fashion world to give us the surprise of the season with…. White pumps.

Are you already asking yourself- pure white pumps? When was the last time I bought a pair of those?  If it was ages ago, you may want to adjust that! White pumps are coming out of their hiatus and walking themselves right on to red carpets, into celebrity closets, and strutting the streets of the most stylish cities in the world.

Whether you’re rocking your light denims, springtime leather or shining metallic’s, these pretty pumps seem to go with almost any springtime trend floating around the fashion world, and I keep finding myself admiring the switch up from a classic neutral pump.  Check out some of my favorite looks and give me some feedback, fashionistas!  Are you on the prowl for these springtime statements or sticking to your jet-black classics?


Kate Hudson


Zoe Saldana




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