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NYC Fashion Week 2014: A Packing Guide

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

To Pack or Not to Pack…


Most packing advice articles would probably advise you to pack light, this one advises you to pack as much as you can. Other ones would advise you to pack neutrals, this one reminds you not to forget your statement pieces. Others would advise to bring comfortable walking shoes, this one would laugh.




Fashion Week. Specifically New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and during this World Fair-esque gathering of the most fashionable people in the planet, you must dress for the occasion.

The uniform?


Don’t look uniform to the people around you. In this week celebrating the best American designers, the objective is to stand out.

Aside from the essentials, the most important part of packing for Fashion Week is loud, unique pieces you can wear to shows. We’ve created a list of a few items you should consider packing an extra suitcase (or four) for. 


1. Lucite

There is something super sexy about Lucite. Yes, it’s modern and sometimes reads childish but there’s a certain sense of maturity when it’s done right.


Though not technically Lucite, there’s something so daringly brave about a Lucite-like, see through purse- like a badass vulnerability.

 Joy Cioci Spring 2012

It’s clear that Lucite is a fashion week must-have. (Pun Intended) I mean, check out these lace and lucite nails!


2. Leather

“With their souls of patent leather, they come down the road. Hunched and nocturnal, where they breathe they impose, silence of dark rubber, and fear of fine sand.”  – Federico Lorca


Leather “baddens” everything up. It doesn’t have to be a jacket or shoes- you could go with a skirt or even a jumpsuit.image1xl


3. Fur and Shearing

“In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and even clothes, the discussion of fur is childish.”   -Karl Lagerfeld


Nothing says “I don’t care about Delta’s luggage policy, I would hire a Sherpa if need be it” than packing a luxurious fur coat for Fashion Week.


4. Statement Bags

Sure they may need extra time to pack since you have to wrap them nicely for protection, and maybe even in a box to keep them from flattening, but who doesn’t love a statement bag?


It is key that your bag doesn’t clash. Bringing statement pieces does not mean mindlessly throwing them on. I mean, it is still Fashion Week. Ask yourself, “what would Anna think?”



5. Statement Sunnies


“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”                                                         -Jack Nicholson


Personally, I think you should save sunnies for when you are outside. Unless you’re Anna Wintour, you’re a little tacky wearing them while watching a show, I mean do you really wanna compromise the beauty of the colors Diane Von Furstenberg is presenting you with?

Wedding Attire Do’s and Don’ts

Monday, August 25th, 2014

With my wedding rapidly approaching, I am more stressed out than ever trying to get everything perfect and ready to go. I’ve realized that my guests are feeling somewhat stressed as well about what to wear to the ‘wedding of the year’. Going to a LA stylist’s wedding can be intimidating, I get it. You have to somehow pull off a stylish, chic look that I would approve of but without upstaging me (which would never happen anyway). So, to all my fabulous guests and everyone else attending a wedding, here are my tips of what to wear and what not to wear when attending an ultra stylish wedding.  

1. Something Blue

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.40.15 PM

Isshō dress $395, Jared Jamin Necklace

Do: It’s always fun to play off of the bridal superstitions of what you must wear on your wedding to have a decent marriage. Clean cuts and simple details is the way to go when picking out a wedding ensemble and this … dress from Stylehaüs is a perfect option.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.11.17 PMDon’t: go crazy on the blue. This is not a blast from the past dress. Ruffles, glitter and strange hues of blue are a big no. You want to gracefully blend into the fashionable crowd. Not stick out and have everyone, including me, give the “what were you thinking” look.

2. Spring Fling

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.40.23 PM

Lauren Stucky dress $569, Diamond Cuff (contact for pricing)

Do: Outdoor wedding can get hot, sweaty, and bugs will be flying everywhere. Not my style, but, if you are the chosen one to attend such a wedding, here’s what i would choose to wear. The cut outs in this stylish dress will give you the chance to stay cool but it’s also covering up enough that you’re not going to be stealing the eyes of all the creepy single men.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.09.34 PMDon’t: go crazy on the cut outs. Keep it classy.

3. New York Wedding

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 3.40.32 PM

RVN dress on sale from $492 to $330, Necklace $600

Do: put fashion on the most important list. Dresses that mimic art deo styles from 1920’s New York is one of my favorites. It brings the old glamour I love so much from old New York. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.17.58 PM

Don’t: take the 20’s appreciation literally. It’s not Halloween just yet. 

LA vs. NYC: The 10 Differences Between Angelenos & New Yorkers

Monday, July 28th, 2014

NYC keeps me real. LA keeps me happy.

I grew up in New York but moved to Los Angeles in my early 20’s and never looked back… But that doesn’t mean I don’t have mad love for both cities.

While I’ve made a home and business in Los Angeles, New York City is where I’ll tie the knot in September in true city style.

In the spirit of straddling coasts, here’s 10 very real truths about Los Angelenos and New Yorkers that will hopefully leave you with a sunny smile. 

1. Talking About The Tough Stuff. Or Just Stuff. 

NYC: Brutally Blunt


New York City is populated by rabid misanthropes who will step across your bleeding, dying body to get what they want. And that’s how they describe THEMSELVES.

Brutal honesty should be expected from anyone who doesn’t have a truly excellent reason to suck up to you.

Overt niceness, effervescent praise, and conspicuous kindness will be greeted with great suspicion, if not outright distrust. In NYC, you aren’t somebody until you’ve proved it.

New Yorkers either stick close to the chosen few they deem worthy of intimate association, or subtly trade up over time along the lines of their own upward mobility. 

LA: Cheerful Tact


Unhappiness is like leprosy to Californians.

Unlike in New York (where people tend to wallow in misery) depression and discontent are taboo topics in Los Angeles. In La La Land, something(s) is always ‘amazing’ or ‘exciting’ or ‘unbelievable’, and a typical LA greeting might run along the lines of

“Hiiii you look amazing, how have you been, I’m so excited to see you! Life has been crazy busy but I can’t complain because there’s so many fantastic projects I’m working on with the most amazing, talented people who you absolutely have to meet. What’s new with you? You look so great, I can’t even deal. This juice is AMAZING, right?!”

Angelenos are unusually nice for city-folk, probably because:

a. they secretly worry that meanness, like unhappiness, is aging and uglifying

b. you never know who the next big star will be 

c. everyone feels nicer when it’s 80 degrees and sunny.


2. Outlook On Life 

NYC: Defensive cynicism masks delusions of grandeur


New Yorker’s work harder than any other group in America, and take great pride in being totally stressed out.

They wear their pessimism like an invisible shield, protecting them from disappointment of dashed hopes and let downs.

However, no one moves to New York City to be dull and un-successful.

New Yorkers are secretive social climbers whose tough exterior masks a little girl or boy who always dreamed of moving to the big apple and making it big.

LA:  Blind idealism masks delusions of grandeur


LA attracts the most popular/beautiful/talented kids in class (whereas people who move to NYC to make it grew up as the weirdest/smartest kid in class). 

New Yorkers know they are important, and feel immensely pressed to make sure you know and acknowledge their significance.

Angelenos know they are special and liked, and expect others to notice too. The residents of LA feel genuinely entitled to fame and fortune, as opposed to New Yorkers, who aggressively demand it. 

3. Street Style

NYC: Every day is a fashion show, and that show is mostly black.


Black rules supreme as the NYC shade: it may be cliché, but that’s because it’s true and has been for some time.

Black is slimming (for New Yorkers too busy/stressed to work out or eat healthy), goes with everything (for New Yorkers to poor after paying $3000 rent for a glorified cupboard to worry about mixing and matching), and sophistication (for New Yorkers who DEMAND to be taken seriously).

Since New Yorkers are all smashed together in a tiny space, competition to be the chicest at any given location is fierce, and you never know when one of NYC’s seemingly endless street style photographers might snap a pic and launch your career as a Manhattanite muse. Far less skin is shown in NYC than LA because in NYC you have to rub shoulders with anyone and everyone.

Literally, they’re touching your shoulder and they look dubious and there is nothing you can do about it. Outfits must be subway, taxi, and street compatible and relatively resilient.

LA:  Boho chic originated here.


Daytime in LA is über casual, with yoga pants to show off that toned yoga ass and sunglasses strapped over eyes inside and outside until the last glimmer of sunlight dwindles.

Paparazzi roam Los Angeles like packs of wild dogs, and you never know when one might snap your picture while mistaking you (or someone you’re with) with someone famous.

Laid back sun-kissed effortlessly stunning boho chic is still the most highly coveted aura for any girl in LA LA land. This is the city that worships youth and beauty above all else, so youth and beauty is cheerfully flaunted with every opportunity and itty bitty pair of shorts.

Night time in LA is all about amped up sensuality, defined by seductive & curve hugging silhouettes that are in no way practical. Think fierce, fun, and on trend because when you’re shielded by steel or a velvet rope, you can afford to let that cleavage breathe, baby.


4. Ultimate Unspoken Goal

NYC: Wealth


New Yorkers desperately desire wealth because the richer you are, the more enjoyable/tolerable it is to live in New York City.

New York really does everything anyone could ever want… If you could only afford it.

LA: Fame

la 4

Los Angelenos desperately desire fame because in LA fame is next to Godliness.

The Hills are America’s modern Mount Olympus, where Gods of the Silver Screen live out their dazzling life in breathtaking abundance. 


5. Ruling Class

NYC: Old Money


Pedigree can be feigned, and an Ivy league education is to be expected. America’s East Coast is our venerated center of intellectuals and higher learning, with more prestigious colleges per capita than any other locale.

Lineage and legacy build New York City, and the upper crust is still mostly populated by the old upper crust’s offspring. 

LA: New Money


New money: we’ve got it and we love spending it.

Pedigree doesn’t matter, and who has time for a college degree when you’ve got auditions to attend and head shots to take?

That 20-year-old ass won’t last forever, so use it while you’ve got it. You can read when you’re old and ugly. 

LA is all about reinvention, about making the most with what you’ve got, and about building your own reality. No one in LA cares about who your Grandfather was, they’re too busy worshipping youth, brilliance, and beauty. The City of Angels has no interest in the past. All the matters here is the present and future. 


6. Choice Career

NYC: Creative or Business


NYC workers can be sorted into two categories: Business and Creative.

Business types may feign interest in the well-being of the world or art openings, but when you look closely, you’ll realize that they are interested in one thing and that thing is money.

Who says money can buy happiness? New Yorkers who don’t live in a 5 story walk up single.

Creative types bask in pretension, and nurture their childhood dreams of painting/photography/graffiti art/electric guitar.  While business minded New Yorkers often get better with age (and the slow accumulation of wealth), creative types dwindle into bitter Woody Allen archetypes with each year sans that big break.

LA: The industry is everything.


All roads lead to the industry.  ALL OF THEM.


 7. Dating

People you’ll date in NYC:


Investment bankers making lots of money by moving it around, high fashion models, street style bloggers, disillusioned publishing assistants, lazy novelists, font-obsessed graphic designers, and bike messengers.

People you’ll date in L.A.:


Aspiring actors, terrible singers, neurotic screenwriters, controlling directors, obsessive agents, Scientologists, and mattresses.

So many mattresses.

All the mattresses. Mattresses being, of course, the ubiquitous model/actress. 


8. Lifestyle

LA: Have you tried kale?


If LA were defined by a single hashtag, that hashtag would be #healthyissexy.

Unlike New Yorkers, who have never really gotten over heroin-chic, Los Angelenos are all about diet, exercise, and any holistic remedy to their least favorite aspect of nature: aging. Californians pioneered kale, smoothies, organic, sushi, yoga, and pretty much any other mind/body trend.

Californians are consumed by how to get from point A to point B and where to park once they have arrived at point B, preferably after taking the side streets and NOT the 405. 

NYC: Have you tried the latest hot spot?


New Yorkers function at a rapid borderline inhuman pace, always scampering to the next big thing while wildly disavowing the previous big thing as ‘passe’ before anyone else does.

Both LA and NYC are filled with fabulous places to go and people to see, but New Yorkers are hell-bent on fitting as much fabulous into one night as possible.

LA’s sprawling city, car dominated transportation, and general aura of relaxation results in a going out culture that typically only involves 1, 2, or maximum 3 stops a night. New Yorkers invented club/bar hopping, and have enthusiastically embraced marathon nights packed with as many stops as possible.

It helps that New York bars stay open later than bars in LA, giving NYC dwellers far more time to dash through THE places to be.


9. Neuroses

New York Mental Issues


Obsessive Compulsion, Self-Loathing, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Anger Management Issues, Thinly Veiled Depression, Crippling Insecurity

Los Angeles Mental Issues


Anorexia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Narcissism, Borderline Personality Disorder, Drug Addiction, Heavily Veiled Depression, Crippling Insecurity. 


10.  Environment

NYC: Are 3 layers enough for Fall? Is there money on my metro card? Where’s my umbrella?