Marina Monroe

Marina Monroe has over a decade of experience in retail and personal styling. From owning an online store, to heading up studio services at a prominent West Hollywood boutique, Marina has seen it all.

While working as a freelance stylist for some of the biggest names in TV, Film and Music, Marina recognized a fundamental flaw with fashion retail: brick-and-mortar offerings tend to under-serve tastemakers of the fashion industry. Stylists (and those who care to be fashion forward) lack an offering that combines pieces and lines from around the globe with a staff committed to servicing their specific needs (pulls, never worn designs, dedicated customer service, encyclopedic knowledge of fashion, etc.). It was through this epiphany that stylehaüs was born.

Marina is dedicated to giving all members of stylehaüs an experience tailored specifically for their unique needs and goals, while always keeping the most important mantra in mind… FASHION FIRST.